Registration & Breakfast
Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director,  Computing & Delta

Delta Research

John Leonard, Computing Research Director, Incisive Media


Aubrey Stearn, Interim CTO, Oakham LTD

Presentation: AIOps - Is it practical and what are the trade-offs?
  • Tipped as the future of DevOps, AIOps and machine learning could revolutionise the CI/CD pipeline.
  • But, does AIOps offer a suitable level of security? And, how feasible is it really?
Panel: Everyone’s using microservices these days. Or are they?
  • Microservices can provide greater flexibility for an application, making workflow more manageable, and with scope for repeatability, high availability and easier scaling.
  • This panel will discuss the pros, cons and practicality adopting microservices as well as related technologies such as serverless cloud and containers.

Andrew Southall, DevOps Lead, HSBC
Nataliya Remez, Tech Manager, iZettle
Önal Zengin, Experienced Developer, Spotify

Guest Moderator: Mark Ridley, Founder, Ridley Industries

Morning Break
Presentation: DevSecOps
  • How can you ensure your organisation is prioritising security as an integral part of your DevOps?
  • Which tools and approaches should you be using?
Devoteam: DevOps at Scale
  • DevOps means better quality software, faster.
  • What makes adoption of DevOps so challenging for enterprises?
  • How to overcome the obstacles and realise the gains of DevOps

Graham Zabel, Head of DevOps, Devoteam 

Presentation: How to select your DevOps toolkit
  • With countless options for tools, how can you make sure you’re progressing in DevOps?
  • Everyone has their own favourite tools, so how do you balance choice with performance.
Panel: Getting over the hump in the middle
  • Advice abounds for new adopters, but what happens when you are mid-DevOps and momentum starts to slow?
  • This panel will offer advice for tackling the hump in the middle of your DevOps journey.

Chris Denton, DevOps Manager, Esure

Duncan Lawie, Director, DevOps & Development PracticesCredit Suisse

In Conversation with: DevOps Success

An organisation discusses its DevOps journey and success, offering advice on transition and implementation.

Case Study: Keep calm and secure your CI/CD pipeline

Shifting left significantly reduces costs and diminishes release delays. By adding continuous security validation at each step from development through production you can progress with your security team from approving each release to approving the CI/CD process and having the ability to monitor and audit the process at any time.

In this session Sonya Moisset will focus on Pride in London (a project using Gatsby2, Contentful and Netlify) and show you how to create a secure CI/CD pipeline. She will explain how GitHub Marketplace helped the team with automating and improving their workflow. She will also outline what OWASP is and how to improve the workflow for your own open source projects using GitHub Marketplace applications.

Sonya Moisset, Tech Lead/DevSecOps & Lead Security Engineer, Pride in London & Photobox Group

Afternoon Break
Panel: DevOops
  • The transition to DevOps can be a bumpy road, with the potential for cracks appearing in team communication, technical breakdowns, and massive changes to company culture.
  • Organisations will share their challenges, mistakes and DevOops moments

Keerty Agarwal, DataScience DevOps Analyst, Centrica
Nick Hodder, Director of Technology & Transformation, EY Foundation
Katie Nykanen, CTO, Adstream
Dimitri Voutsinas, Head of Network Design and Development, Refinitiv

Keynote: DevOps Success
  • An organisation presents its DevOps success, and explains how they got to where they are.
  • What advice can they offer other teams?
  • Where next do they anticipate DevOps will lead them?

Simon Skelton, DevOps Transformation Lead, John Lewis & Partners

Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

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