Walter Buggenhout, Axians
Walter Buggenhout
Senior Atlassian Consultant

After obtaining a language and communications degree in a previous century, Walter quickly discovered a deeper passion for IT and Software Development. Growing into different roles in system administration, software training and development, agile project and product management eventually introduced him to the exciting world of Atlassian.

Since 2015, Walter has been consulting companies across all sizes and industries in implementing Atlassian Solutions across the board. He combines a profound product knowledge with an extensive and practical experience with agile and service management methodologies, as well as a natural interest in team and human interaction.

Driven by passion for the ecosystem, he has been an Atlassian Community Leader since 2017. Over the last 7 years, he has supported hundreds of users solving challenges, spent 2 years on the Atlassian Community Advisory Board and was just awarded the Community Gold Star award at Team '24 in Las Vegas.