Tharun Sure, Service Now
Tharun Sure
Senior Software Engineer
Service Now

Over the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to work on diverse projects spanning pivotal sectors like telecommunications, healthcare (specifically Continuous Glucose Monitoring or CGM), automotive, and SAAS. Each project provided unique challenges and opportunities, enabling me to continuously innovate and refine the user experience for our clientele. While my foundation lies in mobile application development, I have never shied away from integrating the latest technologies to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. My proficiency in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Wearables, and Augmented Reality has consistently allowed me to stay ahead of the curve. By harnessing these technologies, I have been able to offer users not just applications, but holistic experiences that are intuitive, efficient, and groundbreaking. Customer experience, to me, is not just about meeting user expectations but exceeding them. It's about creating memorable moments with each interaction, making the software not just a tool but an integral part of their daily lives. It's this philosophy that has driven every project I've undertaken and is the foundation of my approach to software development. I am confident that my track record and passion for customer-centric solutions would make me a worthy contender for the Judging position. If you like my background, please reply and let me know about the opportunities available.