Site Editor
The Channel Company

Tom is the Editor for Computing, where he has been covering the UK IT market since 2017. He is an industry veteran, writing his first tech story back in the mists of 2011, and specialises in covering topics around sustainabile IT, diversity and Web3 developments like blockchain and the metaverse. Tom regularly chats to leading IT professionals around the world, from companies both large and small - including Microsoft, Kellog's, Trainline, the Met Office and Mars. He is always on the lookout for the newest market trends that affect IT leaders in the UK and worldwide. Tom has previously written for a varity of B2B titles, including those serving the jewellery, pet and funeral industries - and yes, he's heard all the jokes. Often spotted with a notebook, grumbling about the Oxford comma.

Sr. Enterprise Architect

Chalamayya Batchu is an experienced Enterprise Architect and dynamic leader specializing in Data Strategy, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Business Intelligence (BI). His passion lies in utilizing technology to drive business value and foster innovation. With a strong background in designing and implementing enterprise-scale data and analytics architectures, he excels in crafting data strategies that empower organizations to extract valuable insights from complex data sets leveraging cloud and AI. He is currently serving as a trusted advisor to CXOs and senior executives at Georgia-Pacific and collaborates closely with business stakeholders to align data strategies with their specific objectives. He also provides guidance on establishing robust data governance policies, defining data quality standards, and implementing effective data security protocols. In the realm of cloud and AI, he offers invaluable insights on integrating AI technologies, such as ML and NLP, into an organization's data architectures using cloud infrastructure.

Operation Director, Technology & Change
The Law Society

Jane is the Operational Director for Technology & Change at the Law Society of England & Wales. Following a Law Degree and the Trinity Bar Exams, Jane joined Barclays Bank where she had a long and varied career, with roles ranging from marketing to business transformation. She then joined RNIB as Head of IT, restructuring the IT function and architecture, and establishing business partnerships, and project management disciplines. As the first CIO at Citizens Advice, Jane transformed the IT function and delivered a complex Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation before broadening into an independent consultancy role. Here, she supported major charities and a government agency, exercising her skills in change, business architecture, stakeholder management and IT. She joined the Law Society in December 2016 as IT Director, supporting a major business transformation programme and transitioning from a shared service with the regulatory body to establish the Law Society’s own dedicated IT function, now combined with change.

Associate Editor

Penny is Associate Editor at Computing and focuses mainly on diversity in tech and sustainability content. She has more than a decade of content creation experience and specialises in long form feature content.

Tech Architecture Delivery Senior Manager
Accenture Technology

Hitesh is an Accenture certified Senior Technology Architect, a member of the IET & BCS where he holds CITP, and is a senior leader in Accenture’s DevOps & Platforms practices. He has over 18 years industry experience across the whole Software Delivery Lifecycle including stints in Design, Development, various phases of Testing, Application Maintenance & IT Ops as well as various aspects of Architecture from Integration to Infrastructure, Security and Operations. Hitesh has focused on DevOps and Platforms for the last decade, working on both culture change and tooling. Experienced in multiple industries including extensive experience in the Public Sector and Financial Services, Hitesh has focused on building deep relationships with clients allowing enduring, lasting change, and ensuring the highest technical excellence. Hitesh is most passionate about developing the next generation of modern engineers and architects.

Chief Engineer
Admiral Group

Pankaj is the Chief Engineer for Admiral Group. He has over 25 years of technology experience in financial services, having worked in India, New Zealand, Denmark and the UK. He brings with him significant experience in building an engineering culture and capability in large organisations.

Group Research Director

John Leonard is Group Research Director for the Enterprise Technology Group at The Channel Company EMEA. He has designed and conducted research studies and analyses covering many of the aspects of business technology that are driving the way we live and work today.

Engineering Lead for Project IDX

Ashwin has been writing software at scale for 20 years. He currently leads engineering for project IDX at Google. Prior to Google, Ashwin has led teams working on open source developer tools at Twitter, Zynga, Thoughtworks and Intel.

Senior Director of IT and Information Security
Parachute Health

Mayur Rele is a technical and strategic leader with 15 years of experience in cloud, security, virtualization, and devops environments. Mayur is committed to helping organizations benefit from their IT and IS investment by implementing best practices, building CI/CD pipelines, migrating to infrastructure as a code, and following Agile methodologies. Mayur has a proven history of implementing, deploying, administrating a secure environment, and maintaining auditing compliance requirements for HITRUST, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type 2. Mayur has been a reviewer for more than nine IEEE conferences and various journals and has published his technical research in more than eighteen conferences/journals.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Aliaksandr Shulyak is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer who works as part of Security Detection and Analytics Team at Bloomberg. He works with infrastructure components to support the firm's infosec system. He has broad experience with both cloud and on-prem Kubernetes installations at scale, and has supported large clusters running high-load applications using open source tools such as Istio, Harbor, Argo, OpenSearch and the ELK stack, among others.

Platform Enablement Lead - Observability & AI Ops

With more than 10 years experience in technology recruitment and consultancy Andy’s focus is on Digital Transformation People, Process and Technology across the Critical Infrastructure, Construction, Civil Engineering and Rail sectors. Working within a rapidly changing and a diverse ecosystem of clients and operators he helps shape their talent attraction / recruitment & diversity and inclusivity strategies as well as helping demystify some of the hype and buzz around smart cities, the ‘connected world’ / IoT and ‘digital transformation’ in this space to put in place achievable recruitment plans that future proof attraction and retention of the top UK talent.

Global Vice President, Content

Stuart Sumner is Global Vice President – Content of The Channel Company. Previously he spent 10 years as a programme manager in the IT industry, working for companies such as the BBC, COLT, Nortel Networks and Equant. As a journalist he has also worked for Time Out and IPC Media. He is a regular technology pundit and contributor to the BBC News Channel, as well as a published author.

Senior Software Engineer
Service Now

Over the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to work on diverse projects spanning pivotal sectors like telecommunications, healthcare (specifically Continuous Glucose Monitoring or CGM), automotive, and SAAS. Each project provided unique challenges and opportunities, enabling me to continuously innovate and refine the user experience for our clientele. While my foundation lies in mobile application development, I have never shied away from integrating the latest technologies to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. My proficiency in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Wearables, and Augmented Reality has consistently allowed me to stay ahead of the curve. By harnessing these technologies, I have been able to offer users not just applications, but holistic experiences that are intuitive, efficient, and groundbreaking. Customer experience, to me, is not just about meeting user expectations but exceeding them. It's about creating memorable moments with each interaction, making the software not just a tool but an integral part of their daily lives. It's this philosophy that has driven every project I've undertaken and is the foundation of my approach to software development. I am confident that my track record and passion for customer-centric solutions would make me a worthy contender for the Judging position. If you like my background, please reply and let me know about the opportunities available.

Principal Technology Program Manager

Syed Mohamed Thameem Nizamudeen is a distinguished Information Technology leader with a rich history of leadership roles at Oracle, Ernst & Young (EY), and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). His expertise lies in cloud computing, cloud security, big data, machine learning, AI, and Application Modernization, where he applies his vast knowledge to pioneer innovative solutions. Syed has worked with C-Suite executives of Fortune 100 firms in the past advising them on their Application Modernization efforts in aspects of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Security, Multi-cloud, Internet Of Things during his tenure with reputed technology Advisory firms PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. Syed is committed to advancing technology's role in shaping the business landscape. Syed can be reached at smthameem@gmail.com.

Head of Cloud Architecture

Vishal Vazkar possesses a diverse technology background as a Cloud Solutions Architect Consultant with over 9 years of experience helping businesses adopt secure and cost-effective cloud implementations. Vishal specialises in promoting and cultivating a DevOps/SRE culture to support and enable digital transformation ambitions for enterprise-level organisations. In addition to his primary responsibilities, Vishal enjoys public speaking and regularly contributes his thought leadership to the open-source engineering community.

Head of Data Design and Implementation

Thought leader, published author and speaker. Juan helps companies plan, execute, deliver, and implement innovative capabilities with focus on Cloud, AI, MI reporting, Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics. Juan is passionate about delivering successful projects by building, promoting and leading inclusive and diverse global teams.


Working in technology for most of his career Terry has seen the world transform from analogue to Digital several times now. Mostly he gives it some gentle encouragement, but sometimes it needs more of a firm shove in the right direction. Following a career working mostly in the creative and media industries Terry has, more recently, spent time in the Third Sector and currently leads Technology and Cyber Security for the Church of England. Unusually for a Technology leader, he holds qualifications in both Cyber Security and Risk to support these all areas of Technology in a fast-moving world of change. With a keen eye for emerging trends in tech along with an unhealthy interest in the areas of Cloud Services, Cyber Security and Risk in order to design agile, secure and modern workplaces and platforms that people enjoy using.