Louise McCarthy, NED Portfolio Companies
Louise McCarthy
Board Advisor
NED Portfolio Companies

Louise Mccarthy. Currently INED for Leumi UK and Board Advisor for a number of companies. Louise is also working on charitable activities in Indonesia teaching female empowerment at a girls school. Louise also supports as a CXO advisor for a number of innovative tech companies. Louise has lead a number complex organisation creating their strategy for Global Digital IT transformation. Louise is an outstanding, award winning and dynamic inspirational CIO transformational and business change leader with over 35 years’ experience in some large private and public sector organisations including HMRC, Aviva, HSBC, and EBRD. She is highly respected in the technology, digital industry as a passionate, energized and transformational leader who achieves amazing results. She is valued at board level for design of complex technology and digital transformational visions, and strategy. The ability to take complex organisations with the need for transformation and align to business objectives . A background in finance and commercial giving the ability to see the wider picture and achieved commercial creativity. Louise is also a role model for females in technology.