Chloe Colliver
Chloe Colliver
Head of Industry Developments - Online Safety

Chloe Colliver is a leading expert on disinformation, fake news, technology regulation and digital policies. Currently the Principal of Ofcom, Chloe formerly worked as the Head of Digital Policy & Strategy at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue building a team which maps research into hate speech, terrorist and extremist content online. Also advising governments and companies on high-level policy, Chloe is now booked as a speaker for corporate events to share her expertise on topics such as social media regulation, technology regulation, fake news and disinformation.

Fascinated with the use of online data analysis to understand conflicts and social interactions, Chloe has enjoyed numerous successful years with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Joining the organisation in 2016, Chloe has worked as a Digital and Research Associate, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Research Manager and Digital Research Lead for the ISD. During her time with the organisation, she has also been asked to feature across national media, appearing on the likes of Channel 4, the BBC, Sky and NPR. She has also had her work fed into various governmental policy frameworks, committees and tech company policies across the country.

A highly educated individual, Chloe has studied at both Yale University and the University of Cambridge. Awarded an honorary scholarship to Clare College at the University of Cambridge, Chloe graduated with a BA in History before she went on to be awarded the Mellon Fellowship that allowed her to graduate with a MA in History from Yale University. During her studies, Chloe built her working experience as an intern for The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide, an intern for Dawson Cornwell Solicitors on international child abduction and work experience with the United Nations shadowing the British Mission.

Having researched and reported on disinformation across countries of Germany and Sweden and during the US elections, Chloe is now a leading authority on disinformation and fake news as a keynote speaker. Having written reports such as Spin Cycle: Information Laundering on Facebook, The 101 of Disinformation Detection, The First 100 Days: Coronavirus and Crisis Management on Social Media Platforms and Developing a Civil Society Response to Online Manipulation, Chloe is an expert on everything tech and social media regulation. When looking for a speaker who will bring understanding to complex disinformation, Chloe Colliver is a fantastic choice.