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Computing presents Tech Impact!

Sustainability is a word you will have come across with increased frequency in articles, adverts, manifestos, and meetings. As it becomes the focus of governments and organisations of all sizes around the globe, you can expect to see and hear it more and more often. While the word is becoming more prevalent, what it means to the tech and IT community remains as vague and elusive as ever, leaving many asking questions.

How do you define sustainability in IT and Tech? How can I make my organisation more sustainable? What does a sustainable supply chain look like? How will efforts to become more sustainable impact my organisation's performance?

The inaugural Tech Impact conference will answer these questions and many more by unpacking and exploring the diverse approaches organisations can take to meet sustainability targets.

Join your peers for this eclectic range of sessions held by industry leaders and experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you are still unsure as to what your organisation’s first or next step should be and what it will take to comply with or even exceed international carbon neutral and net-zero targets, then join us at Computing’s Tech Impact for a clear view of the path forward.



Event Programme

Opening Remarks

Welcome to Tech Impact! 

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta


Hear about the latest trends and analytics in sustainability in tech.

John Leonard, Group Research Director, Delta

Keynote: Net Zero Ambitions - New Normal

  • Now that the world has adapted to the pandemic, what impact have the changes to society had on sustainability efforts?
  • How sustainable is remote working compared to traditional in-office working?
  • What strategies can organisations implement to mitigate their staff’s footprint even outside of the office?

Trewin Restorick, Founder & CEO, Hubbub UK

Panel Discussion: Green Data Centres
  • Where do we build future data centres?
  • Keeping data local or keeping data green?
  • How do we offset our reliance on the grid?
  • Will we need data centres in the future?

Chair: John Leonard, Group Research Director, Computing & Delta

Huseyin Seker, Associate Dean (Research & Enterprise), Birmingham City University
John Booth, Managing Director, Carbon3IT
Paul Jennings, IT Director, VIRTUS DC

Panel Discussion: Designed by Data
  • How can modern data centres help track the carbon usage of organisations and individuals?
  • What emerging and existing technologies will help organisations track and reduce their carbon footprint?
  • What services and areas will struggle to meet net-zero goals according to current data and trends?

Chair: Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Andy Gomarsall, Executive Chairman, N2S
Laurence Watson, Head of Technology, Subak

Coffee Break
Keynote: E-waste Overload
  • How do we dispose of unwanted electronics and electrical devices?
  • Throwing away devices or throwing away resources?
  • How can you turn old expenses into future revenue?

Alexa Ponking, Head of Brand and Advertising, GiffGaff

Deep-dive: PUE for Software
Green Software Engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets and data centre design. By grasping the eight first principles of Green Software Engineering, you can learn how to build, deploy and manage green applications in any application domain, industry, organisation, programming language or framework.

Asim Hussain, Executive Director & Chairperson, Green Software Foundation

Case Study: From Office to Classroom

Hear how the Financial Ombudsman Service teamed up with charity Business2Schools to donate its unused and unwanted office and IT equipment to schools across the country.

Lindsey Parslow, CEO, Business2Schools

Panel Discussion: Small Changes, Big Differences
  • What practical changes can you make on and off premises to mitigate carbon footprint?
  • How do you encourage peers and competitors to align with the requirements for the future?
  • What can the tech community learn from each other?

Chair: Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta

Beverly Gower-Jones, CEO, Carbon Limiting Technologies
Dr James Robey, Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini
Ben Constable-Maxwell, Head of Impact Investing, M&G Investments

Closing Remarks

Thank you for attending Tech Impact!

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta

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