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DevOps is all about change. It’s about altering perceptions of who should do what; it’s about doing away with manual tasks through automation; it’s about incorporating the latest ideas and paradigms so that software can be delivered with speed, efficiency and security.

But no one ever said that change would be easy, and indeed it’s not. Once the initial enthusiasm generated by evangelists and early adopters has died down, what then? Is there enough momentum to keep DevOps moving forward or will the organisation slip back into its comfort zone? Have initial results lived up to expectations? Have agile practices spread beyond the IT department and into those other parts of the business that need to be equally fleet of foot? Has the original vision survived contact with the real world?

Make no mistake, organisations that are serious about DevOps must be in it for the long haul. Unlike software updates, changes to business processes and structures are not easily rolled back. There will inevitably be resistance along the way. Not everyone likes change and some feel profoundly threatened by it. These issues must be handled with sensitivity and skill if ultimately the benefits of DevOps are to be realised.

Every organisation is unique and there is no book of rules. The best way to the get to the next stage of the journey is to learn from those who have already been there. Join us at Computing’s sixth DevOps Live event to hear about how others have moved forward, the challenges they faced, the mistakes they made, and how they put things right. Through expert keynotes, end-user case studies, and moderated panel discussions the event will cover the key issues surrounding the transition to DevOps, pushing through Agile, and bringing people with you as you do.


Why Attend? 

  • In-depth Computing research presentation: DevOps - Developments in Culture, Methods and Tools

  • Keynote presentation from Aubrey Stearn, Interim CTO, Oakham LTD

  • 5 networking opportunities to share insight with 200 IT decision-makers, at different stages of DevOps adoption

  • Learn from personal experiences about the DevOps industry and learn how to apply the solutions taken to improve your DevOps transition

  • Learn from the DevOps experts through different seminars and be involved in the panel discussions 

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Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director,  Computing & Delta

Delta Research

John Leonard, Computing Research Director, Incisive Media

Keynote: How do you DevOps 13 years of Development?

Multiple languages, 1000s of stored procedures, where would you even start, what changes would you make to build the trust and set you apart from your predecessors? Aubrey explains all, as an Interim CTO.

Aubrey Stearn, Interim CTO, Oakham LTD

Is DevOps in direct opposition to change management?

Can DevOps and Change Management coexist, or are they in direct opposition to each other? From working with large enterprises around the world, we’ve seen many organizations struggle to advance their DevOps initiative beyond just a few teams. One of the biggest barriers is existing change management processes which don’t account for new ways of working. That’s not to say that change management isn’t necessary, but it does need to be smarter, automated and more adaptable to DevOps practices. In this talk, we will cover:

  • Real-life DevOps challenges within the enterprise space and how we tackle change management through DevOps practices in a digital transformation.
  • How DevOps and Change Management can coexist peacefully by automating and standardizing changes based on known good patterns.
  • How to DevOps practices within an existing functional change management framework.

Nigel Kersten, Field CTO, Puppet
Nick Moore, Senior Technical Lead, Puppet

Q&A: Everyone’s using microservices these days. Or are they?
  • Microservices can provide greater flexibility for an application, making workflow more manageable, and with scope for repeatability, high availability and easier scaling.
  • This session will discuss the pros, cons and practicality adopting microservices as well as related technologies such as serverless cloud and containers.

Andrew Southall, DevOps Lead, HSBC

Guest Moderator: Mark Ridley, Founder, Ridley Industries

Morning Break
Delphix: Fast and Secure Data

Addressing the elephant in the DevOps room - data

  • With a Royal tale of heavy-lifting, Gary will address the business impact of the elephant in the DevOps room - data.
  • Why making data fast, ephemeral and perhaps cloudy matters to your business.
  • Moving data swiftly and securely without breaking the laws of physics.
  • Empowerment - Simplifying data access so that your developers, test engineers and even their managers can control the data.
  • The problem with automation; who's fault is it?
  • Data Catalogues, time machines and taming the mainframe

Gary Hallam, Global Channel Engagement, Delphix

Devoteam: The anatomy of a DevOps Transformation - TUI Digital
  • A real-life case study that looks at how Devoteam approached increasing the maturity of DevOps capabilities at TUI Digital
  • Breaking break down silos between Dev and Ops
  • Key metrics that help you prove the case for DevOps 

Graham Zabel, Head of DevOps, Devoteam 
Christian Rudolph, Head of DevOps, TUI Digital

4 Disconnects impeding software delivery

Despite the best intentions there are still major impediments to delivering software in the enterprise. In this short talk Rob Vanstone will highlight 4 disconnects he has seen while engaging with large organisations trying to wrestle getting their vast technology resources to produce business value. With some ideas on how to overcome them.

Rob Vanstone, Director of Sales Engineering, XebiaLabs 

Fireside Chat: Getting over the hump in the middle
  • Advice abounds for new adopters, but what happens when you are mid-DevOps and momentum starts to slow?
  • This panel will offer advice for tackling the hump in the middle of your DevOps journey.

Jujhar Singh, DevSecOps Practice Lead, The Economist

Aubrey Stearn, Interim CTO, Oakham LTD

Moderator: John Leonard, Group Research Director, Incisive Media

Lunch & Computing Quiz
User-Centered Cloud

'User-centered cloud' - orienting cloud hosting services towards the user: software developers. Rather than many organisation's strategies which can become very abstract, technology-focused or commercially focused and use concepts like "multi-cloud" and "hybrid-cloud" which are reasonably meaningless to users. Organisations should focus on creating the best possible experience for software developers, whilst retaining efficiency through consistency and standardisation. A user-centred strategy would have a knock-on effect on approaches to legacy technology, cloud migration and tool selection.

Kris Saxton, Partner and Founder, Automation Logic
Dave Rogers, 
Independent Digital & Technology Consultant and Advisor, Automation Logic

Case Study: Keep calm and secure your CI/CD pipeline

Shifting left significantly reduces costs and diminishes release delays. By adding continuous security validation at each step from development through production you can progress with your security team from approving each release to approving the CI/CD process and having the ability to monitor and audit the process at any time.

In this session Sonya Moisset will focus on Pride in London (a project using Gatsby2, Contentful and Netlify) and show you how to create a secure CI/CD pipeline. She will explain how GitHub Marketplace helped the team with automating and improving their workflow. She will also outline what OWASP is and how to improve the workflow for your own open source projects using GitHub Marketplace applications.

Sonya Moisset, Tech Lead/DevSecOps & Lead Security Engineer, Pride in London & Photobox Group

Afternoon Break
Panel: DevOops
  • The transition to DevOps can be a bumpy road, with the potential for cracks appearing in team communication, technical breakdowns, and massive changes to company culture.
  • Organisations will share their challenges, mistakes and DevOops moments

Keerty Agarwal, DataScience DevOps Analyst, Centrica
Nick Hodder, Director of Technology & Transformation, EY Foundation
Dimitri Voutsinas, Head of Network Design and Development, Refinitiv
Marc Andrew, DevOps Lead, Adstream

Moderator: Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing Delta

Keynote: DevOps Success
  • Simon Skelton will present John Lewis & Partners’ DevOps success, and explain how they got to where they are.
  • What advice can they offer other teams?
  • Where next do they anticipate DevOps will lead them?

Simon Skelton, DevOps Transformation Lead, John Lewis & Partners

Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

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DataScience DevOps Analyst
Site Editor
Computing Delta
DevOps Lead
Global Channel Engagement
Director of Technology & Transformation
EY Foundation
Field CTO
Group Research Director
Incisive Media
Tech Lead/DevSecOps & Lead Security Engineer
Pride in London & Photobox Group
Senior Technical Lead
Ridley Industries
Independent Digital & Technology Consultant
Automation Logic
Head of DevOps
TUI Digital
Partner and Founder
Automation Logic
DevSecOps Practice Lead
The Economist
DevOps Transformation Lead
John Lewis & Partners
DevOps Lead
Interim CTO
Oakham LTD
Editorial Director
Computing & The Inquirer
Director of Sales Engineering
Head of Network Design & Development
Head of DevOps

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