Gemma Gwilliam, Head of Digital Learning, Education and Innovation
Gemma Gwilliam
Portsmouth Education Partnership
Head of Digital Learning, Education and Innovation

Gemma is an esteemed technology teacher and edtech thought-leader, having worked across all year groups from classroom teacher to leadership roles, in both private and state schools alike, globally. She has a sincere love and understanding for how technology enhances teaching and learning, which she has proven at both a regional and international level. Her specialism includes reducing teacher workload, and equipping all children with the necessary skills to learn, and work, in the 21st century. Gemma is passionate about developing a culture that enables everyone to be able to select the right tool, for the right activity for the right outcome - and is able to make this happen. Gemma knows the barriers she faces with her Dyslexia and uses her lived experience to ensure access to technology is built in for all.

In 2021, Gemma joined the Central Team at United Learning as a Cross Phase Educational Technologist: supporting schools across the South Coast to develop their own Digital Strategies and to make effective use of technology for all stakeholders. During this time, she also played an active part in the Department of Education's national EdTech Demonstrator Programme, which included: producing materials, offering webinars and training sessions, and working with senior leaders (both at school and trust level) to develop their digital strategy. As a part of this, Gemma also worked with the Portsmouth Education Partnership to develop the city-wide digital city project and supported schools throughout the city with areas such as 365/Google training, shift to the cloud projects, procurement, strategy writing and training. With her experience in coaching and mentoring, she has also been supporting ITEs and ECTs/NQTs across the South Coast and through the United Teaching Network as they begin their teaching careers so that they have the confidence and expertise to teach in the 21st century classroom.

Gemma now joins Portsmouth as the Strategic Lead for Digital across the city and Head of Digital Learning, Education and Innovation.

Gemma’s focus is “Technology for children, technology for adults, technology for all” in order to work with the city to improve outcomes for all citizens in Portsmouth. She will be working with schools, colleges, the university and businesses to effectively support the 5 year plan for Portsmouth to become recognised nationally as a “digital city”.