Holly Foxcroft, Stott and May Consulting
Holly Foxcroft
Diversity Cyber Research and Consulting
Stott and May Consulting

Holly Foxcroft is the Head of NeuroDiversity In Cyber Research and Consulting, at Stott and May Consulting. Holly is an industry leading expert in Neurodiveristy and Cyber Security. Holly’s early career started in defence in electrical warfare and cyber threat landscape. Holly took a short career break to raise a family, while additionally navigating how to support her Autistic son. Holly fought tirelessly to write policies, support inclusion and challenge stereotyping and bias. As a civilian, Holly continued her work in Cyber Security within technical recruiting. Holly recognised, that within cyber, there was a higher percentage of individuals showing characteristics of neurodivergent conditions. Holly has since carved a career in correlating Neurodiversity and cyber. She has experience in running employer events and workshops, conducting full neuroinclusive audits and writing policies, teaching cyber security, designing cyber security inclusive course material and academic and industry research. Parallel to this, Holly has supported law enforcement and government agencies in understanding Neurodiversity and cybercrime, and holds a first class BSc (Hons) Criminology and Cybercrime. Holly is recognised internationally for her work in creating inclusive environments and a thought leader in cyber security with a heavily decorated profile of awards and recognition.