The Marketing ROI Award

This award seeks to recognise marketers who have achieved incredible return on investment. This could be through a lead generation programme that has delivered pipeline – or it could be a brand campaign that has given an uplift in sales (or both!). We’re looking for evidence that you’ve delivered real measurable return.

Best use of event sponsorship

Getting value for money from sponsorship programmes requires great presentation content, a good stand, and the right people and messaging to create opportunity from conversations with delegates. If you’re the master of event ROI then this award is for you.

The Viral award

Every so often, a marketing team comes up with a piece of content so desirable it takes on a life of its own as buyers share it voluntarily in their own networks. We’re looking for examples of marketing that’s gone viral, and content that’s syndicated itself. Can you show us how your customers have shared your content and given you free syndication?

Brand campaign of the year

Its not only lead generation campaigns that can drive customer engagement and return on investment: work driving brand recognition can give you a ‘place at the table’ where the customer calls you as a natural choice. This award recognises those able to demonstrate how their brand advertising has driven returns. The judges will be looking for excellent advertising creative, and evidence of excellence in customer response rates and engagement.

Campaign website of the year

This award is open to all technology vendors, resellers and marketing agencies who have produced web landing and campaign pages for a specific marketing initiative in the past year. We will be looking for compelling content, a clear and easily understood messaging, user experience, and evidence that the initiative met customer needs and generated positive reaction.

Content agency of the year

This award recognises excellent in helping clients with the creation of compelling digital content experience, either as dedicated content assets created for lead generation programmes, or in site design content and UX. Are you a hero of “hero” campaign asset creation? Are you sharpening your customer’s UX and content strategy? If so, this award is for you.

Rising Star of the Year

This award seeks to recognise the rising star of the b2b technology marketing sector. The award will go to a marketing professional under the age of 30 who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in their work and stands out in their organisation as a high performer. Judges will be looking for someone who is consistently producing unique, innovative and creative marketing solutions with standout results.

Best Use of Search

Getting to the top of research pages requires and into view of potential customers looking for solutions is a top challenge for tech marketers – both on an organic basis, and in the crowded paid world where top terms are attracting competitive bids. This award seeks to recognise tech marketers who get their proposition to the top of the page, and can be about an organic, or paid strategy, or both!

Technology brand of the year

This award will be given to an individual product, service or overall company brand which can demonstrate a clear impact on the market, standing ahead of its peer group and showing other tech companies how its done. Judges will be looking for indicators such as overall market awareness and familiarity, and a wow-factor around communications.

The Social Media Success Award

Social media campaigns can be both paid and organic, with organised sharing of posts or “social advocacy” helping to spread the corporate message through personal networks, and often at scale. This award seeks to recognise and reward organisations who using social to generate impact. The judges will be looking for evidence of impact, of scale, and of clear strategy.

Open Innovation Award

The tech market is subject to continual changes as new technologies emerge, offering to assist marketers in their quest to deliver their messages to customers. This award seeks to recognise the ‘first movers’, the early adopters who have seized on a new opportunity to talk to customers in a different way – and tread the road less travelled. Are you working on the cutting edge? Or using tech in a new way to utilise or dominate and underused channel?

Design Award

Marketers often focus on the ‘content of the content’ – the finely crafted words that go into our campaign assets and websites. But, design has a hugely important role, and strong visual appeal and eye catching creatives can boost customer engagement and help hold attention for longer. This award is for outstanding design quality – they judges are looking for beautiful, simple to navigate, easy on the eye content experiences. This can be a website, a single ‘hero’ content asset or an overarching campaign comprised of multiple parts.

Customer UX Planning Award

Tech marketing campaigns are multi-touch – seeking to take potential buyers on a content journey, through several stages, from interest to engagement, to on-boarding. This award seeks to recognise marketers who have produced assets/content for each step of the journey, for different buyer personas, and who can demonstrate their digital marketing has taken customer through the funnel, tracking the interactions and planning the journey. We’re looking for evidence of the use of data, analytics and clear UX planning.

Marketing Leader of the Year

This award seeks to recognise exceptional marketing leadership. Judges will be looking for someone who acts as the lynch pin for their team, creating and implementing strategy, working with key business stakeholders, delivering against business objectives, and organising and driving the team to generate results, The judges will be looking for a marketer who can clearly demonstrate the results of team effort. This could include brand development, and/or revenue/ pipeline generation. Evidence of creativity and innovation and inspiring the wider team are particularly valued.

B2B Tech Marketing Agency of the Year

Open to all marketing agencies that have produced exceptional work for clients in the b2b technology sector in 2018 or 2019. Agencies must show multiple examples of delivering and exceeding client goals. Judges will also be looking for examples of exceptional client management and relationship building. All work specified in your entry must be from 2018 or 2019.

Best Campaign on a Small Budget (up to £25k)

The most creative and effective marketing ideas don't always require a massive budget. This category recognises those marketers and their agencies who have executed a successful campaign with limited funds. The judges will be looking for evidence of how the team responded to the challenges of a restricted budget and still met the objectives of the campaign using creativity, smart thinking, and perhaps some old-fashioned guile. The winning entry will demonstrate outstanding ROI for the client.

Best Use Of Video

This award will recognise exceptional use of video to deliver on marketing goals. Judges will be looking at how the video content brings the brand to life and how high customer engagement is translated into results. The judges will also be looking at how the content enhances the brand experience and raises awareness of the brand to new and existing audiences.

Content Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award seeks to recognise exceptional use of compelling content in the b2b technology market. Judges will be looking for campaigns that help achieve commercial or other objectives through the use of content, whatever the medium or size. In addition to demonstrating creativity and innovation, submissions should produce evidence (preferably quantifiable) of impact in achieving tangible objectives, such as return on investment.

Diversity and Inclusion Champion

This award will recognise an individual in a technology organisation/vendor or a tech company/agency that has though concerted policy-driven effort created step-change in diversity and inclusion. The judges will be looking for impact in terms of change, and evidence of building a truly inclusive culture where staff are valued, involved and diverse.

Marketing Strategy of the Year

This award recognises the intelligent use of a data and research strategy to create compelling insights, resulting in an improved product or customer experience. Through expert analysis, demonstrate how insightful strategies have resulted in business success and delivered a competitive advantage.

Overall Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award seeks to recognise the excellence of an overall marketing campaign. Judges are looking for genuinely new ideas and execution. The judges will compare entries featuring single medium against campaigns spanning multimedia; they will be looking solely for evidence of new thinking, insight, engagement and innovation either in message, creative approach or media.

Best In-House Marketing Team

Open to any b2b technology marketing team. We are looking for teams that have made significant strides in promoting the brand they work for through marketing activities, can clearly demonstrate a major contribution to the success of the business they work for and have shown innovative and original thinking in their messaging.