Categories & Criteria

All awards are only open to digital professionals with less than 10 years of experience in the industry, unless otherwise stated.

Organisational Awards

Company of the Year 

Some organisations go above and beyond when it comes to supporting new IT staff. Social events, mentor programmes and, of course, training for the role are all examples of what might set a company apart from their competition. We are looking for examples of how your firm stands head and shoulders above the industry when it comes to attracting, supporting and retaining completely new entrants to the world of IT.

Training Scheme of the Year

It is common for young people to stall in their development, with little knowledge of how to take the next step in their career. This award will go to the company that best helps its employees to learn, improve and take the next steps in their career through a formal training scheme. Judges will place a high value on evidence of how this has helped workers to achieve their goals.

Individual Awards

Analyst of the Year

This individual is leading the way in data analysis. They demonstrate the best attitude, aptitude and results in their work, and will have new ideas about how to use data. Descriptions of recent successful project, including the results and how this professional contributed, will carry extra weight.

Cloud Professional of the Year

'Cloud' covers a multitude of roles, and this person could fit any of them: engineer, analyst, architect, product owner or something else. They might look after migration or management, infrastructure or security. Whatever they do, they will excel at it and lift others to their level.

Cloud Apprentice of the Year

Touching every area of modern digital life, the cloud industry needs skilled workers to guide businesses to success. The award winner will have a strong understanding of the market, its major players and notable trends. They will work hard to build their knowledge, make contacts and deal with the challenges that confront them in an efficient and future-proof manner. Evidence of one or all of these points will be well-regarded. Award entrants must be an apprentice, trainee, graduate or similar.

DevOps Engineer of the Year

The award winner must show evidence of excellence and of going above and beyond normal expectations in their role: like any other part of DevOps, they should be agile and adaptable, able to respond to any challenge with minimal fuss. They (or the nominator) should be able to pick out examples to show how their own skill set and approach has helped the company move to or stabilise a DevOps implementation.

Apprentice of the Year

Whether it in the cloud, communications, DevOps, support, security or another aspect of IT, this award will go the the new starter who best demonstrates a commitment to excellence. They will have put the work in to understand the industry, to learn from colleagues and to solve the challenges in front of them. Judges will especially value discussion of their work on major IT projects. Award entrants must be an apprentice, trainee, graduate or similar.

Security Specialist of the Year

Security is an ever-changing area, and one that attracts many new starters. The winner of this category will be involved in key projects in their company, working closely with the CISO and CSO on agenda-driving projects and be known and respected in their key role.

Excellence in Support Award

Front line support are the professional problem solvers of IT. This is a great way into the industry for new entrants, and we are looking for the individual - in an internal, employee facing role - who has taken this change to expand or refine their expertise. The winner must have a record of assisting stakeholders, and may have suggested improvement in the support process to improve the workflow.

Innovative Developer of the Year

Developers are responsible for designing, and sometimes building, the apps and programmes that we use every day. It is a skilled and technical role, but also one that demands a level of communication and interpersonal skills to progress in. The winning developer will be one bringing something new to the table. They won't just be excellent at their job, but will have a wholly different approach to problems.

Team of the Year

Digital is not just about individual effort; teamwork has helped to drive many major advances. We are looking for the best example of a team of peers, with similar amounts of experience in the industry, coming together to solve business challenges. An explanation of the initial purpose and end results of the work must be included.

Mentor of the Year

Support is important to help new staff grow and develop. A mentor will have a long-term relationship with one or more mentees, helping them to become the best professional that they can be. This may be through sharing their own experience, guidance and/or emotional support; they may also assist with setting goals, developing contacts and taking a wider strategic view of their mentee's career path. This award is open to all ages.

Unsung Hero of the Year

The work of new starters and their formal mentors is often unseen outside of a company, but known and appreciated inside. In this category we are looking for someone who works behind the scenes even internally, supporting new people in their department or company. Examples of how their support has helped a person develop and grow professionally will be vital. This award is open to all ages.

Rising Star of the Year

New starters with native digital skills are vital to modern firms, and this award celebrates the best and brightest who are changing the face of business. The winner will show an aptitude for their chosen sector; be ready, willing and eager to take on more responsibility; and be making a a marked impact on their organisation by bringing fresh thinking and measurable impact.

Entrepreneur of the Year 

Awarded to the individual who can demonstrate excellence in entrepreneurship. This could be launching a business, new product, or business line in 2019. Judges will be looking for originality, and will want to see how the idea came about, and what research and preparatory work was completed in the run up to launch.

Digital person of the Year

Awarded to the individual who has made a significant achievement with a digital product, initiative or programme in 2019. This could involve managing, initiating or simply being at the coal-face of this drive to digital. Judges will be looking for a pro-active contribution to the individual's organisation, and evidence of the benefit it has brought.