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Getting Your DevOps Initiative Right:

Business Context and Maintaining Momentum 

All large scale initiatives that change the way your organisation works are difficult and DevOps is no exception. There will be organisational pain as you develop new processes, and there will be resistance in some parts of your organisation.  To succeed you need to keep your leadership team focused on the core principles and to keep an agile mindset, regularly tweaking and refining your approach as you discover new information. It's particularly important that you don't just import approaches that you've seen be successful at other organisations.

It's critical that you look at the context of your business - the processes, people and tools, and take those into account when designing your approach.

Maintaining DevOps momentum as you move from the initial experimental stage through standardisation, security integration and infrastructure-as-code to self-service resourcing and automated delivery requires discipline, clarity and learning new skills. In the "new normal", could your path to DevOps success be through a centralised platform team delivering infrastructure as self-service products, or through another strategy entirely?

We welcome you to join us for a special IT Leaders Forum on Monday 19th October , where we will be discussing practical answers to common DevOps scalability questions such as:

  • The Common pitfalls in ambitious DevOps initiatives
  • Could a centralised platform team help deliver infrastructure to delivery teams in the form of self-service products? 
  • How to contextually apply DevOps frameworks to your organisation.
  • How do I incorporate legacy applications and infrastructure into the DevOps roadmap?
  • How do we balance centralised control and team autonomy?
  • How do I manage the expectations of the business?
  • What roles and skills do I need?



Computing's Introduction

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Puppet: How corporate behaviours limit DevOps & DevSecOps success

DevOps and DevSecOps have always been about more than just technology, but as we’ve seen enterprises adopt these methodologies as part of their IT transformation efforts, we’ve seen how success is often hamstrung and limited due to factors outside of the IT departments themselves. Project-based funding, lack of team continuity, out of date change management processes, and cultural issues around trust and communication - all of these things are critical to work on to truly see the benefits of modernising your IT environments. Nigel Kersten, Field CTO at Puppet will cover these issues and more, all based upon real-world experience helping the largest and most complex organisations in the world achieve real success.

Nigel Kersten, Field CTO, Puppet

End-user case study: Above and Beyond

A common challenge of DevOps implementation is getting past the middle stage. What common sticking-points are encountered in the “middle” part of DevOps, and how can you tackle these? A tech leader will share their approach, practical advice and experiences of scaling up to a stage of greater DevOps evolution.

Marcus Corner, Interim CTO

Panel: Keeping it Contextual

Your business is a unique combination of personalities, processes, resources, customers and partners. In the early days of DevOps adoption it can certainly help to hang onto the coattails of the trailblazers, but at some stage you need to let go in order to forge your own path suited to your own particular context. This requires making some important choices about priorities, technologies and approaches. Our panel of experienced professionals will discuss pros and cons of different DevOps scenarios for different types of organisations.

Nigel Kersten, Field CTO, Puppet
Chris Denton, DevOps and SRE Tech Lead, Esure
Jujhar Singh, Global Head of DevSecOps, The Economist 
Sonya Moisset, Tech Lead/DevSecOps & Lead Security Engineer, Pride in London & Photobox Group

Moderator: John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta


DevOps and SRE Tech Lead
Research Director
Incisive Media
Global Head of DevSecOps
The Economist
Interim CTO
Field CTO
Tech Lead/DevSecOps & Lead Security Engineer
Pride in London & Photobox Group
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta


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