Congratulations to all our 2021 finalists!

Now it's to spread the word! Voting is open until Friday 29 October, 5pm.
The winners will be announced at a glamorous awards ceremony on 
Friday 26 November in London.
We have a range of packages available which includes your table for the evening as well as your finalist artwork to highlight and elevate your well-deserved place on the shortlist.
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Finalists Technology Product Awards 2021

* NEW * Special Award: Pandemic Performance Product

Foods Connected, Remote Auditing Solution

Hermes UK, Pandemic parcel power

NatWest, Cora AI Digital Assistant - Customer response

Openreach, Critical National Infrastructure connectivity during the pandemic

Oppolis Software Limited, GoProof®

Snap Finger Click, Live Show

Talk Think Do, Explore Learning - Compass at Home

Zivver, Secure Email for Covid Tests Results

iboss, iboss Cloud Platform

* NEW* AI Product of the Year

Fuse, Lighting the Fuse: Learning Powered by Knowledge Intelligence

Luminance, Luminance

Securiti, Securiti PrivacyOps Platform

SmartFox Technologies™, SmartFox Prime© - Business Forecast Management System

Streetbees, Streetbees GO: the world's first AI powered Human Intelligence Platform

Technossus UK Limited and Thames Transformation Partners Limited, Intelligent OCR

White Label Loyalty, AI Module

smartKYC, smartKY - Continuous Adverse Media Monitoring, MLOps Platform

Best AI/Machine Learning Provider

Darktrace, Darktrace

Luminance, Luminance

Seldon, Seldon

SmartFox Technologies™, SmartFox Prime© - Business Forecast Management System

smartKYC, smartKYC

Best Business Application

ClearPeople, Atlas

IBOS Association, IBOS Association

Luware AG, Luware Nimbus

PagerDuty, PagerDuty - Digital Operations Management

Salt Communications, Salt Communications

Seldon, Seldon Deploy

Best Business Backup and Continuity Provider

Datto, Datto SIRIS

Pure Storage, Best Business Backup and Continuity Provider - Pure FlashBlade

Scality, Scality RING

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Providing continuous data protection for powerful backup and business continuity

Best Business Intelligence / Analytics Vendor

Engage Hub, Exceed customers' unique needs with Customer Journey Tracker

Panintelligence, Panintelligence

SQream, Leading telco improves network QoS with SQream-powered geo analytics

SmartFox Technologies™, SmartFox Prime© - Business Forecast Management System

Sumo Logic, Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform

White Label Loyalty, White Label Loyalty Platform

Best Business Security Provider

AT&T Cybersecurity, AT&T Cybersecurity Managed Security Services

Bridewell Consulting, Manchester Airport Group increases security event visibility by 1500% with Bridewell Consulting

CoSoSys, Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

KnowBe4, Enterprise Security Awareness Training Program

Orange Cyberdefense

Best Business Software Provider

Cisco AppDynamics, Cisco AppDynamics

Foods Connected, Foods Connected Development and Innovation

Panintelligence, Panintelligence

Best Cloud Computing Provider

HashiCorp, HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

Red Hat, Red Hat

Best Cloud Security Product

CyberArk, Cloud Entitlements Manager

Imperva, Imperva Multi-Cloud Data Security

JumpCloud, JumpCloud Directory Platform

Lookout, Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker

Red Sift, OnDMARC

Zix Corporation, Secure Cloud

iboss, iboss Cloud Platform

Best Cloud Service

BSO, BSO Cloud Connect

Luware AG, Luware Nimbus

Node4, Azure Service Tiles

Smithfield Business Centre, North Yorkshire County Council - Improving the speed and security of a local government website with AWS CloudFront

Best Digital Transformation Product or Service

Axway, Creating a data-driven API-first enterprise

Carma, NDI Platform Launch

Code Enigma, Welsh Government - Using a Kubernetes/Amazon EKS solution to reduce testing time from hours to minutes

FITTS Ltd, Speechly App

Housekeep, World-first localised key-transfer technology

IFS, IFS Cloud

InfoTrack, eCOS - Electronic Client Onboarding Solution

National Enabling Programmes - Police Digital Service, National Enabling Programme

Nationwide in Partnership with IBM, Test Community of Practice

Push Technology, Diffusion - an Intelligent Event-Data Platform

Red Hat, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

SnapLogic, SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform

Best Networking or Communications Provider

Eseye, AnyNet+ IoT Connectivity

M247, Enabling the transition to the new modern workplace with 247Unified

Men&Mice, Micetro 10.0

Best Security Product

Benefit Vantage Limited, IPification

CoSoSys, Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys

CyberSmart, CyberSmart

Edgescan, Edgescan Continuous Vulnerability Management

F-Secure, F-Secure Elements Endpoint Protection

Illusive, Illusive Active Defence Suite

Lookout, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Ping Identity, PingOne Cloud Platform

Qualys, Qualys VMDR

Red Sift, OnDMARC

Best Software-as-a-Service Provider

BrightHR, COVID-19 HR and H&S support by BrightHR

ClearPeople, Atlas

Druva Inc., Druva Cloud Platform

Evidology Systems, QED (Quality and Evidence Driven)

Really Simple Systems Ltd, Really Simple Systems CRM

Red Sift, OnDMARC

Semantrica Ltd,

Semantrica Ltd,

Tata Consultancy Services, Financial Solutions

White Label Loyalty, White Label Loyalty

Best Use of Open Source Technologies

DataStax, DataStax Astra DB

PensionBee, PensionBee

Percona, Percona Monitoring and Management

Red Hat, Version 1, Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, and - SmartText on OpenShift

Smithfield Business Centre, WRAP - Building a sustainability charity a new Drupal 8 website

SoftIron, HyperDrive

Customer Project of the year

KnowBe4, KnowBe4 and Sainsbury's

Node4, Nuffield Health

Procter & Gamble UK, SuperSavvy Mobile App

Pulsant and B P Collins, B P Collins boosts operations and revenue through Covid-19 due to digital transformation

Red Hat, Version1, and Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, - SmartText

SOTI, SOTI/ARMED (Advanced Risk Monitoring for Early Detection)

South West Grid for Learning, Report Harmful Content

Infrastructure Product of the Year

Ably, Ably Platform

Agilitas IT Solutions, Transforming IT infrastructure maintenance with Inventory-as-a-Service

Openreach, broadband network resilience

Puppet, Puppet Enterprise

Puppet, Relay

Pure Storage, Infrastructure Product of the Year - FlashArray//C

Scality, Scality RING, Sunlight Hyperconverged Infrastructure Stack

IoT Product of the Year

Arlo Europe, Arlo Ultra 2 Spotlight Camera

Mindtree, Mindtree NxT Asset Insights Platform

Telit, Telit NExT™ Network

Most Innovative Use of AI

Darktrace, Antigena

Edgify, Edge Computing

Limejump, Automated clean energy dispatch

Luminance, Luminance

Nsugbe Research Labs, Preterm Pregnancy Prediction using AI

PensionBee, PensionBee

SmartFox Technologies™, SmartFox Prime© - Business Forecast Management System

smartKYC, smartKYC - False Hit Filtering

Most Innovative Use of Automation

ActiveCampaign, ActiveCampaign

IBM, IBM Essentials for Automation

InfoTrack, Property Report from InfoTrack

Limejump, Automated Clean Energy dispatch

PagerDuty, PagerDuty - Automation for Digital Operations Management

SnapLogic, SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform

smartKYC, smartKYC - Robo Onboarding

Product of the Year

Fuse, Fuse: globalising instant access to knowledge in the flow of work

Lookout, Lookout SASE

Procter & Gamble UK, SuperSavvy Mobile App

Pure Storage, Product of the Year: Pure-as-a-Service™

Red Hat, Red Hat OpenShift

Scality, Scality ARTESCA

South West Grid for Learning, ProjectEVOLVE

Unit4, ERPx

Security innovation of the year

Benefit Vantage Limited, IPification

Evina, Evina DCBprotect

Imperva, Imperva Sonar Platform

IriusRisk, IriusRisk Threat Modeling

Neustar, DNS Shield

Red Sift, OnDMARC

Salt Communications, Salt Communications

Scylla, Scylla Person Search Technology

TruU, TruIdentity Cloud

Zivver, Secure Email for Fetal Medicine

Technology Hero of the Year

F-Secure, Christine Bejerasco

F-Secure, Vic Harkness

IBM, IBM Quality and Test Practice

NatWest, Jake Collins

PensionBee, PensionBee - Jonathan Lister Parsons

Pure Storage, Tech Hero of the Year: Wes van den Berg

Sheetal Dash, Real-time Cyber Threat Analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

South West Grid for Learning, Will Earp

Technology Innovator of the Year

Ably, Ably Platform

Agilitas IT Solutions, Unlocking transformative automation with Inventory-as-a-Service

CircleCI, CircleCI

Creative Invention Hub, AI & MR Powered Virtual WorkSpace

Eseye, AnyNet+ eSIM Localisation Solution for IoT

Evidology Systems, QED (Quality and Evidence Driven)

Foods Connected, NPD and Workflow Tool

Panintelligence, Panintelligence

PensionBee, Scam Man & Robbin’

Seldon, Seldon