Narayanan Palani, Lloyds Banking Group
Narayanan Palani
Senior Engineering Lead
Lloyds Banking Group

Narayanan Palani is a senior engineering lead of major financial institution in United Kingdom and leading group of teams across different countries on software development, DevSecOps, sustainable engineering, test automation, accessibility, performance, and security engineering interventions. ‘Web Accessibility Project’ is a latest best seller from his books through CRC Press Routledge published in the year 2022. Narayanan has certifications from Microsoft, Scaled Agile, DevOps Institute, International Software Testing Qualifications Board, International Software Quality Institute, with an MS in Software Engineering, Executive MBA and certificate from Harvard Business School Online on Certificate of Specialization in Leadership and Management. His online courses are subscribed by at least 35,000 students across 158 countries worldwide, and he is currently providing free video sessions through to help supporting engineering community to face cost of living crisis and recover from job losses. Narayanan is the author of book series ‘Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed’ and ‘Automated Software Testing with Cypress’ -a top rated Software Testing book in the year 2021 and receiver of ‘Best Test Manager of the Year’ award from European Software Testing Awards, Year 2019 and his latest contributions resulted in ‘Best Agile Project’ award during 2021 due to the key ‘Accessibility First’ Test approach on web and mobile development and ‘Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in a Project’ during the year 2022. His teams are shortlisted as finalist to DevOps Industry Awards 2022 and DevOps Excellence Awards 2023.