Host a Dinner

An invitation-only dinner at some of London's most exclusive restaurants, Computing's IT Leaders Club evolved from this relationship to provide regular networking events for the UK's top CIO's and senior IT Leaders at London’s top restaurants.

IT Leaders are a moving target. They rarely open emails or answer telephone calls. Computing's IT Leaders Dinners enable our exclusive partners to navigate the problematic route to high-level decision makers. If your brand has a message that underlines how your product or service can save businesses money, this will be a persuasive draw for IT Leaders.

The sessions will explore the latest strategies for generating value for their businesses, with additional insight provided by some of Computing's senior analysts and journalists.

Our dinners offer an opportunity for a single partner to be involved in each event. Your brand can align with Computing over the messaging to drive the conversation in an agreed direction. Once discussion topics are agreed, Computing conducts a survey of its readership, the results used to steer the conversation. 

Why host an IT Leaders Dinner?

  • Network with the UK's most senior IT decision makers. Exclusive dinner with 10-12 invitation-only delegates.
  • Align your brand with the very highest level of business and technology leadership, building a respected and recognisable voice in your field.
  • Meet at some of London's top venues for networking, and to discuss the key trends and issues affecting their roles and their businesses.
  • During the fine dining experience, members explore the latest strategies for generating business value from their investments, with additional insight provided by some of the finest minds in technology.
  • All research, content, marketing, delegate recruitment, venue booking and liaison handled by Computing
  • Discussion led by senior member of Computing's editorial team
  • White Paper for client use
  • Coverage across

Dinner Topics include:

  • HR Systems
  • Business Intelligence
  • Making your organisation
  • Quantum-safe
  • ERP systems
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Email Security
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Cloud Access Security Broker - the perfect answer to the cloud security headache, or pure hype?
  • APIs
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • AI in Security