Tuesday 23 November 2021| Online

Is your data strategy fit for purpose? How to build a data strategy that works

Modern enterprises have more data than they could imagine even a few short years ago and we are creating more data at an exponential rate.

With digital transformation high up on most agendas, many organisations have gone to great lengths to extract, analyse and act on that data but with varying degrees of success.  Not all data strategies have been successful whilst others have been transformational.

What makes for a successful strategy?

Why do some organisations achieve data-driven success, while others flounder, lacking buy-in from senior stakeholders?

When does a data lake become a data swamp?

What separates success from failure?

Thank you to everybody who joined us for this year's exclusive virtual IT Leaders Forum where we unveiled our own research into this issue, and provide expert input from data strategy and implementation.


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PIONEER – HDR-UK Health data Hub in Acute Care
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The Law Society
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