Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum 2021

Wednesday 14 July; Digital

ABM & IT Buying in the Age of Disruption

Computing hosted the Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum on 14 July 2-; a one day digital conference for all tech marketing professionals.

This year, we will be discussing IT decision making, content consumption, ABM and first party data in the new normal.

2020 was a year of seismic change. As lockdown took hold and offices and non-essential retail closed, millions of workers abandoned long established working routines and dispersed to their homes.

Line of business management turned to their IT leaders to “keep the lights on” as a matter of survival, resulting in a sharp increase in the influence of IT leaders on operational decision making. As digital became where we work, rest and play, digital transformation dramatically accelerated.

And, as we all try to ‘build back better’ the diversity and inclusion agenda is making its presence felt as Buyers seek to work with companies who demonstrate those values.

This year’s Tech Marketing & Innovation Forum is now available on demand, where you will hear from industry speakers discuss the impact on marketing and learn:

>> The changes in CIOs decision making processes and influence

>> The role of content and content consumption behaviours in the new world

>> How to keep your ABM relevant and reach in order to influence key decision makers

>> Reaching and influencing prospects with programmatic in a cookie free world



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Opening Remarks

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works

Incisive Works: Tech buying in the age of disruption

Tech buying in the age of disruption: how the pandemic elevated IT leaders, changed their behaviours and altered priorities

  • 2021 – its been intense. How the pandemic elevated IT leaders
  • The mass-acceleration of digital transformation
  • Budget trends and decision making – what’s changed?
  • Sustainability and the IT leader
  • Content for IT leaders

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works

ABM in the age of disruption: forget extensive data sets
  • How the pandemic changed ABM focus 
  • The evolution in modern demand generation structures 
  • Data: quality not quantity
  • Winning: common challenges and the way forward.

Izzie Rivers, Founder, Realm B2B

A practical guide to building an ABM programme

Gaining the attention of senior IT buyers and engaging them in a meaningful way has probably never been harder than it is currently. Ben will discuss the benefits of building a laser focused Enterprise ABM program and will break down the individual components of a successful ABM campaign for engaging with senior IT contacts.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • The benefits of building a tailor made ABM program targeting Enterprises
  • How to integrate the program with Sales
  • A 6 step ABM process flow with examples of ABM in action

Ben Ross, Director, International Marketing, Delphix

Panel discussion: is the death of the cookie over-cooked? First party data and targeting in the age of disruption
  •  Providers like Apple and Google are ending tracking and support for third party cookies
  • New solutions are coming into play. . . but treat consent as the “impossible alternative”
  • Why B2B data is not Big Data & how data volume just that – noise that conceals true signals
  • Effective targeting with consent. Its not rocket science and you can do it.
Closing Remarks

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works

2021 Speakers

Funnel Fuel
Founder and CEO
Director, International Marketing
Executive Director
Incisive Works

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