Opening Remarks

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works

Incisive Works: Tech buying in the age of disruption

Tech buying in the age of disruption: how the pandemic elevated IT leaders, changed their behaviours and altered priorities

  • 2021 – its been intense. How the pandemic elevated IT leaders
  • The mass-acceleration of digital transformation
  • Budget trends and decision making – what’s changed?
  • Sustainability and the IT leader
  • Content for IT leaders

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works

ABM in the age of disruption: forget extensive data sets
  • How the pandemic changed ABM focus 
  • The evolution in modern demand generation structures 
  • Data: quality not quantity
  • Winning: common challenges and the way forward.

Izzie Rivers, Founder, Realm B2B

A practical guide to building an ABM programme

Gaining the attention of senior IT buyers and engaging them in a meaningful way has probably never been harder than it is currently. Ben will discuss the benefits of building a laser focused Enterprise ABM program and will break down the individual components of a successful ABM campaign for engaging with senior IT contacts.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • The benefits of building a tailor made ABM program targeting Enterprises
  • How to integrate the program with Sales
  • A 6 step ABM process flow with examples of ABM in action

Ben Ross, Director, International Marketing, Delphix

Panel discussion: is the death of the cookie over-cooked? First party data and targeting in the age of disruption
  •  Providers like Apple and Google are ending tracking and support for third party cookies
  • New solutions are coming into play. . . but treat consent as the “impossible alternative”
  • Why B2B data is not Big Data & how data volume just that – noise that conceals true signals
  • Effective targeting with consent. Its not rocket science and you can do it.
Closing Remarks

Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works